Why High School Students Should Consider Volunteer Opportunities

Students can choose from any number of activities to enrich their social and educational experiences while in high school. One that can provide unique benefits is volunteering.

Some high schools require students to accumulate a certain amount of service-learning hours in order to graduate, but students should welcome opportunities to volunteer even when it’s not required, experts agree.

Volunteering presents a tangible way for students to make a positive impact in their community and help organizations accomplish their missions, all while bolstering students’ resumes for college applications and jobs.

Volunteering is a two-way street, with both the high school student and organization benefitting, says Jennifer Bennett, director of education and training for California-based VolunteerMatch. As a student, she says, you should consider, “What could you learn? What could you explore? What problem or challenge do you see in your community to be able to make a difference around you, or somebody you might be able to help?”