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The Biden administration is turning a lower percentage of border-crossing migrants back into Mexico

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At Ana Nobleza Siscar, LLC, we specialize in the practice of immigration and naturalization law. We help people solve their problems. We practice with a high level of integrity, dedication, care, and respect. We enable clients to be empowered and contribute to the growth of the U.S. economy. We help clients realize their aspirations of fully integrating into the American community.

High-Caliber Service

Serve clients with high level of integrity, dedication, efficiency, and quality in securing their visas, non-immigrant, or immigrant status.

Human Face of Immigration

Treat clients with utmost care, respect, and an understanding of their unique stories.

Full Integration into the Community

Realize client's aspiration of U.S. citizenship and full integration into the community.

Contribute to the Growth of the U.S. Economy

Enable talented workers to legally work or do business in the U.S., and become the major force that they are in boosting the U.S. economy.


Secure client’s lawful immigration status, an essential tool for empowering oneself with education, family unity, meaningful livelihood, practice of profession, or establishing one’s business.

Ana Nobleza Siscar

exclusively practices U.S. immigration and naturalization law. She is duly licensed and admitted to practice law in New York, the Philippines, and is authorized to practice immigration law in CT, NJ, and across the United States. Attorney Siscar is the current Chair of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).


"Attorney Siscar was my beacon of hope during the darkest moments of my life. Her unwavering support and expertise gave me a second chance at life."

"Attorney Siscar's dedication and commitment to reuniting my family surpassed all expectations. I am forever grateful for her tireless efforts."

"Attorney Siscar's expertise and unwavering support were instrumental in turning my dreams into reality. I am grateful for her exceptional guidance throughout the process."

"Attorney Siscar's unwavering belief in my case and her team's expertise were crucial in overcoming the hurdles I faced. I am forever grateful for their exceptional support."